Win from delegating your community management

“The first rule of management is delegation. Don’t try and do everything yourself because you can’t.” - Anthea Turner

About Us

Community management Matters. The company was created to build healthy relationships among players and developers. We know your games are great, you do your best – developing. While we take care of the community management. We have a professional and friendly approach with international experience. Therefore, Matters can find a key to any community.


To succeed with a customer our goals are:
100% response rate within 24 hours
Support in a Native language
Solid CSAT scores
Share quantitative and qualitative community feedback every week
Individual approach to every customer



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    • Setting up a Support system

    • Replying to emails and reviews with 24 hours response time

    • Creation of a simple FAQ for playerss

    • Analyze CSAT score to find the best approach to players

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    • Community, Marketing & PR

    • Translations of updates, press releases, etc.

    • Game events creation assistance

    • Running Discord/ VK/ Facebook page.

    • PR – Contact Industry Press

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    • Weekly Reports and Troubleshooting Assistance

    • Summarizing the most significant information and briefly presenting it to the dev team.

    • Help to find solutions to any bugs, issues.

Our Clients

  • Fanatee

    Having Georgy on the team is crucial to our team's success. His efficiency and professionalism enables us to feed our activities with insightful data, improving our results beyond what we would be able to without him.
  • Firefly

    As a games developer and publisher with an international fan base, we are reliant on high quality regional support for PR, marketing and customer services. Georgy was an incredible find for us proving to be detailed, reliable and enthusiastic in his work. Firefly Studios would highly recommend Georgy's services to any potential client in the games industry.


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